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The Biggest Problem with America is... the Church?!

Morgan explores the four forms of government – both Biblically and Spiritually and challenges people of faith like few are willing to do. Does America's problems reflect poor political leadership which leads to spiritual decay.... or could it be the other way around?




 If It’s All About the Kids – Why are They Suffering?


Drawing on his time as the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee of the Ohio General Assembly on Primary and Secondary Education, Morgan explores the problems, fallacies, challenges facing the American educators, parents, and ultimately children themselves.  Morgan will lay out why collectivistic education policy doesn’t serve anyone and why every child really needs an IEP (Individual Education Plan).



The Road to Leadership Isn't Through a Book

Morgan takes from the lessons of seven years on a large suburban City Council in Southwest Ohio. Claiming to be his best teacher of people – not only will these lessons be humorous but also sobering and will provide insight into people, politics, and the foundation of true leadership – the Truth.


There Isn't a Boogie Man

Morgan encourages those in local government to man-up and draws on his experiences to illustrate just who is responsible and capable to turn around local governments. Believing that local and state government hold the keys to a full American restoration, Morgan brings passion to this conversation.

It's About Liberty, Stupid!


Morgan explores the impact that a thorough understanding of liberty has on everything! Your audience will be encouraged to rethink their premises for why they think about public policy sets as they do.

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